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Transport for Greater Bristol Alliance (TfGB) is an alliance of transport, environmental and community campaign groups working together to improve the public transport in the Greater Bristol sub region. We are an alliance of volunteers with specialist transport expertise campaigning with local councilors and MPs to achieve a quality public transport system.


17 November 2020

Please join our stakeholder reference group to shape Bristol’s future transport

We see a possibility for a city with good air quality, safe cycling and walking, accessible public transport for all, and where everyone can get to where they need to affordably and quickly, whether they live in the centre or the outskirts. A city where all transport is zero carbon.  

We invite you to join us in shaping this vision and bringing it about. We would particularly value your participation as part of our stakeholder reference group.

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October 2020

An integrated transport plan for Greater Bristol

We’ve recently published four discussion documents and an executive summary, which together outline how an integrated transport system for Greater Bristol, fit for the 21st century, can be provided. Only an integrated approach can help us move toward key goals – reducing car use, decarbonising transport and equal access to mobility for all.

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