Transport for Greater Bristol meet Labour Mayoral candidate Marvin Rees

Representatives from campaign group Transport for Greater Bristol (TfGB) have met Marvin Rees, The Labour Party’s candidate for Mayor of Bristol at the forthcoming election, to discuss transport in and around the city.

The meeting was arranged by the Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways (FOSBR), a supporter organisation within TfGB, who also attended to discuss rail and the role it can play in solving Bristol’s transport problems.

Marvin Rees said: “It was good to meet with representatives from TfGB and FOSBR to listen to their views on how to solve Bristol’s transport problems.

“Transport and mobility must connect people with people and opportunity, and I’m keen to work with them to ensure that happens.”

Martin Garrett, chair of TfGB, said: “It was great to meet Marvin as part of TfGB’s efforts to engage with Mayoral candidates and other influencers and decision makers in Bristol.

“Transport in Bristol is in desperate need of attention, and could be the decisive issue in the forthcoming elections.

“Great cities like Bristol deserve great transport. Everyone should have the right to get around easily and affordably, and keeping a city moving is vital to the health, happiness and wealth of everyone.”

FOSBR’s Tina Biggs said: “We’re delighted Marvin approached us to talk about rail and bus issues, as we see transport woes to be the major problem affecting Bristol’s progress and social wellbeing.

“We’d really looking forward to engaging with candidates in the forthcoming elections to help ensure Bristol’s transport issues, and the importance of our railway network in particular, is high up the agenda during the campaign.”