The Mall extension must include proper public transport connections, says TfGB

Responding to plans to extend The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, Martin Garrett, chair of Transport for Greater Bristol (TfGB), said:

“Any extension to The Mall must include proper provision for people to get to and from the site via public transport.

“We also recognise the concerns of the other local authorities outside South Gloucestershire, who oppose the scheme because of the affect they say it will have on other shopping centres.

“This is clearly the sort of strategic planning decision affecting transport, housing and infrastructure that would best be undertaken by regional body such as a combined authority, rather than by one local council.

“Nevertheless, plans for a new bus station and cycle ways sound promising, but it’s vital that shoppers can get to the site from other transport hubs like Parkway and the city centre.”

TfGB also said that several proposals would improve transport provision at Cribbs:

  • Metrobus should provide a quick route from Parkway to Cribbs Causeway rather than being diverted through the new Filton Airfield development.
  • There should also be a regular bus link between Cribbs Causeway and the proposed Henbury Station
  • The re-prioritisation of a full rail service around the Henbury Loop, which would create access from the western side of Bristol, including a rail park and ride at Portway and rail access from as far as Clifton.