Reduction in Bristol traffic and air pollution as well as increase in cycling and bus usage very welcome, says TfGB

Responding to reports that rush hour traffic in Bristol has reduced and cycling and bus usage has increased, Martin Garrett, chair of Transport for Greater Bristol (TfGB), said:

“It’s great news that fewer people are now travelling by car – and that Bristol’s air is now getting cleaner.

“While there is clearly still a long way to go to ensure Bristol’s transport system is comparable to other major UK, it’s important for us to reflect on the progress being made too.

“A variety of measures, including First Bus’ new fleet and lower prices has helped empower more Bristolians to take public transport, and measures to get people travelling actively – and discourage unnecessary car use – have also played their part.

“We look forward to working with the authorities, other groups and Bristolians themselves to help get Bristol moving.”