Transport for Greater Bristol asks Mayoral candidates to sign ‘public transport pledge’

The campaign group Transport for Greater Bristol has asked candidates in this year’s Bristol Mayoral election to sign their ‘public transport pledge’ – which has been jointly written with the Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways – and commit to getting Bristol moving.

Martin Garrett, chair of Transport for Greater Bristol (TfGB), said: “Bristol is a great city, and whoever is Mayor after May needs to make sure we get the transport system we need to flourish.

“Everyone should have the right to get around easily and affordably, and keeping a city moving is vital to the health, happiness and wealth of every person in this town.

“TfGB has campaigned for years to improve transport and it feels like there is more awareness than ever over how things need to improve.

“The Mayor is uniquely placed to address Bristol’s transport problems, and by signing up to our pledge, all the candidates can demonstrate their desire to get this city moving!”

TfGB has asked candidates to commit to base their transport policies on the themes of the recently-published Good Transport Plan – and ensure that the majority of transport funding that comes from any devolution deal is dedicated to sustainable transport and local greener streets.

The pledge includes six themes – on governance, rail, buses, the interchange between rail and buses, a fair deal for taxi drivers and Bristol City Centre.