About us

Transport for Greater Bristol

A step change in powers and investment is required to meet Bristol’s transport needs and the challenges of congestion, climate change, quality of life and air quality, building on good practice from around the country.

In November 2006, the Transport for Greater Bristol Alliance and our Manifesto was launched in the local media.

The Manifesto introduces a practical, balanced, yet bold approach to start transforming transport in the city, providing genuine alternatives to the car as we move to a low carbon economy. As a result we are calling for:

  • The creation of a Greater Bristol Transport Authority.
  • Increased funding for transport in the city.

In October and November 2012, the Alliance held a hustings for all the key candidates in the Bristol Mayoral election.

For years we have been tinkering about and we believe that a bold new approach is needed. The current Joint Local Transport Plan and its better bus routes will only take up the extra demand for travel over the next few years.

A Transport Authority for Greater Bristol would put transport at the top of its agenda and not balance it against Social Services, Education or council tax bills. The people in charge of transport need proper powers, as well as the vision to deliver real improvements. Although we have the WEP Transport Board we feel that isn’t good enough and a full Transport Authority with the correct powers is the only way forward.

The Alliance believes that the extra money for improvements would come from the city deal.


TfGB Manifesto