Mini Manifesto

TfGB Mini Manifesto
May 2017

The West of England spatial and transport plan is envisaging a reduction of only 600 commuter car journeys per day by 2036. This is unacceptable.

Instead we need to reduce road building, and deter car parking(*1) in town and city centres; and promote an electrified MetroWest; and journeys by tram and tram train, reorganise bus routes, bus hubs and bus rail interchanges(*2) at every rail station, and promote active travel to deter the car journeys that are destroying our environment and health.

The above mini-manifesto is meant to be succinct and hard hitting and not a detailed plan, so suggested ideas for tackling cars and reorganising buses are contained in these footnotes.

1. Cars and parking

Disincentive parking with a Work Place Parking Levy.
Prevent temporary car parks on vacant land in urban areas.
Expand residents only parking schemes (=commuter exclusion zones)
Promote Park and Ride bus and rail schemes along arterial approaches to built up areas: not everyone lives close to a rail station or convenient bus route.

2. Buses

Given the present legislation, the most effective method for bringing about the re-organisation of bus services is through the use of franchising powers by the West of England Combined Authority.

A pdf version of Mini Manifest can be downloaded here.