Who we are – TFGB: Let’s get Bristol moving

TFGB: Let’s get Bristol moving

What we believe

We believe that great cities like Bristol deserve great transport. Everyone should have the right to get around easily and affordably, and keeping a city moving is vital to the health, happiness and wealth of every person in this town.

We also believe that great transport needs great planning, great infrastructure and joined up thinking, and that by working together we can share ideas and resources to create a city that works better for everyone.

We believe that a diverse city needs a diverse range of transport options, including cars, public transport, taxis, disabled transport, walking and cycling, and that everyone should have the right to have a choice over how they move around – and be able to get around quickly, safely, healthily and affordably.

Who we are

Transport for Greater Bristol brings together a range of campaign groups, transport experts and community representatives to speak as a united force on how transport in this unique city can work better.

We provide an independent voice in discussions with transport providers and national and local government about transport within our city and in the surrounding area.

What we do

By talking to transport users and community group, we help ensure the voice of Bristolians themselves – and those from the surrounding area – are heard when decisions are made about the future of transport.

We use our combined expertise to respond to public consultations about transport matters, lobby councillors, MPs and representatives of the government and hold a dialogue with the major bus companies and Network Rail.

We try and make sure that decisions about particular modes of transport or individual projects are made as part of a broader, long-term vision for Bristol.

General aims

  • To reduce congestion across Bristol and beyond, improving public health and freeing the streets up for all users, whether public transport, pedestrians, cyclists or those making necessary car journeys themselves.
  • To create a system of public transport that is designed around where people need to get to in and around the city.
  • To enable, wherever possible, people of all ages to walk or cycle safely and directly around the city.
  • To make sure everyone can afford to get to where they need to in Bristol and nearby.
  • To reduce journey times around the city to keep people and trade moving and healthy.

Practical priorities

Our current priorities are to work with partners at the local councils that govern Bristol and the surrounding area to ensure:

  1. The creation of a combined authority or integrated transport authority (ITA) to create a system of transport that can rival other cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham and Exeter.
  2. The devolution of greater power over transport to local decision makers from Westminster and Whitehall
  3. The Metrobus project is built in a way that is integrated into the rest of the bus servces.
  4. Bristol’s rail and bus systems complement each other better, particularly at Temple Meads
  5. The freight railway line linking Filton Halt, Charlton, Henbury and Hallen – often called the Henbury Loop – is reopened for passenger services
  6. This, together with the reopening of the Portishead line, should be the start of a Rail Metro for Bristol with services of every 15 minutes or less
  7. The opening of park and ride facilities at Portbury, Portway, North Filton and Bathampton
  8. The creation of a new bus strategy that includes routes, integrated ticketing and the creation of effective ‘bushubs’ at Temple Meads, Hengrove, Portway, Cribbs Causeway, Southmead Hospital and UWE Frenchay.