Moving Bristol Forward

Moving Bristol Forward is a campaign jointly led by TfGB and  Zero West. It’s calling for clean, affordable, accessible and efficient transport in Greater Bristol.

The campaign has been made possible thanks to generous funding from the Foundation for Integrated Transport.

In April 2021 we released a manifesto for integrated transport planning for Greater Bristol including public transport and active travel.

We believe air pollution and climate change can only be effectively addressed in Bristol by implementing the changes proposed in the manifesto. It calls for practical changes including a new tram system, giving public transport priority over private cars and better provision for walking and cycling.

In Bristol’s recent mayoral elections, we called on individuals and organisations to support our campaign by contacting Mayoral candidates, and asking that they back the manifesto.

Our next phase of the campaign has now begun with the publication of a detailed study into how tram routes would work in Bristol. Modern mass transit is vital to persuade people they don’t need to get in their cars for every journey that’s too far to walk. And the report shows how trams are now the best option for the city.

We’re calling on organisations and public figures to endorse the manifesto, and help make Greater Bristol a happier, healthier and cleaner city. Add your support today!

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