Light Rail/Tram

Sorry - not the Henbury Loop

Sorry – not the Henbury Loop

Bristol has has tram plans in the past, notably when Avon County Council was the transport planning authority.   None came to fruition; but not because they were poor plans as such.   Most cities of comparable size – Birmingham, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield, Liverpool – already have urban Light Rail systems.  Bristol needs one too.  In no other way are we likely to remove the car from its dominant position.

TfGB intends to work with the Light Rail Transport Association in drawing up a draft  modern plan for Light Rail in the city, to compliment the bus and rail systems, and the future integration between all three.

UKTram have produced a report:

Investigation into the Economic Impacts on Cities of Investment in Light Rail Systems

which can be found on the UKTram website.

What other Cities are doing:

See Christian Vassie’s film about modal shift and the trams in Dijon and Brest.

Watch the proposed new Manchester Metrolink tram line to Trafford Centre revealed in virtual journey